Daiter’s Kitchen Outlet was opened on Tuesday December 5th, 2017.

We are selling all Kosher products that are supervised under C.O.R. Daiter’s Kitchen is 100% pareve with a separate meat kitchen and dairy room.

Daiter’s Kitchen Outlet are carrying a wide variety of Herme’s Bakery products. We are bringing back our famous assortments of Daiter’s Cream Cheeses and Herrings.

We closed down our retail store in April of 2015. We sell our prepared kosher kitchen foods at various other store locations that we frequently update on our FB.


Daiter’s Fresh Market is a family market which was established in 1937 by founder Harry Daiter. In 1959, his son Ron felt it was time to open another location in a new growing community which was in the north end of Toronto at the time.
Third generation Joel and Stephen Daiter now own and operate the present location at 3535 Bathurst Street, north of Lawrence Avenue West. The Daiter brothers have grown up in the family business and know most of their customers. In many cases, they know their extended families as well.
Daiter’s is known for their Lana Brand Cheese. All the varieties are made in small batches without fillers or preservatives, the way cheese was produced in Europe for over a hundred years. Many customers shop regularly at Daiter’s for the full array of cottage cheeses and cream cheese mixes. The Lana Brand 2.5% M.F. cottage cheese is still produced and sold out of a cheese cloth for the freshest full flavor product which put Daiter’s on the map back in 1937. Their cream cheese is perfect for those who prefer a traditional full fat cheese, or try their 15% M.F. cheese for low fat alternative.

Daiter’s carries a wide variety of products including dairy items, cheeses, vegetarian, low fat, fresh prepared salads, cooked foods and delicious freshly baked sweets. All bakery items are baked in view daily such as Gryfe’s Bagels, baked onsite 7 days a week. Their bakery department also bakes a large selection of sumptuous sugar free pastries and pies. The on-premises full service kitchen prepares all their delectable salads and specialty cooked food items. Try Daiter’s own nova lox, cured with all natural ingredients. Watch the Daiter brothers hand slice it for you. It’s the best in the city.